REMINGTON - D555 Zipper Neck Sweater With Woven Zipper Chest Pocket- Deal Pack

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Model: 183536-DEAL
  • Model
  • 183536-DEAL
  • Style No
  • 183536
  • Style Name
  • Colours
  • Black/Charcoal Twist & Blue/Grey
  • Fabric
  • Brand
  • D555
Ratio: 4-8-12-8-4
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Product Overview


The Duke Clothing Co "REMINGTON-D555 Zipper Neck Sweater With Woven Zipper Chest Pocket" is a stylish and comfortable sweater made from 100% acrylic. The sweater is available in two color combinations, black/charcoal twist and blue/grey, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

The REMINGTON-D555 sweater is part of the D555 brand, which is known for its high-quality clothing and fashion-forward designs. This sweater features a unique design with a zipper neck and a woven zipper chest pocket, adding a touch of style and practicality to your outfit. The soft and comfortable acrylic material provides ultimate warmth, making it perfect for cooler weather.

This sweater is designed with a relaxed fit, making it a great option for a casual and comfortable look. The zipper neck allows for easy on and off, while the woven zipper chest pocket provides convenient storage for your essentials. The black/charcoal twist and blue/grey color combinations are versatile and stylish, making it a standout piece that will draw attention and add a touch of personality to your outfit.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a comfortable and stylish sweater with a unique design, the Duke Clothing Co "REMINGTON-D555 Zipper Neck Sweater With Woven Zipper Chest Pocket" is an excellent choice. With its soft and warm acrylic material and eye-catching color combinations, you'll look and feel great every time you wear it.

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