HARLOW 1-Elasticated Waist Loop Back Shorts

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Model: 211103-10XL
UPC: 5056308160965
  • Model
  • 211103-10XL
  • EAN
  • 5056308160965
  • UPC
  • 5056308160965
  • Style No
  • 211103
  • Style Name
  • HARLOW 1
  • Colours
  • Black
  • Fabric
  • Brand
  • D555
Super Kingsize Assorted Pack D (9XL-10XL)
Ratio: 6-6.
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Product Overview


The Duke Clothing Co is a brand that specializes in producing stylish and high-quality clothing for men in larger sizes. One of their popular products is the "HARLOW 1-Elasticated Waist Loop Back Shorts" under the D555 brand.

These shorts are made from a soft and comfortable loop-back cotton material, making them perfect for everyday wear during the warmer months. The elasticated waistband ensures a comfortable and secure fit, while the drawstring adds an extra level of adjustability.

The shorts feature two side pockets and one back pocket, providing ample space for storing essentials. The D555 branding is discreetly embroidered on the front of the shorts, giving them a stylish and understated look.

The HARLOW 1-Elasticated Waist Loop Back Shorts are available in a range of sizes, making them easy to pair with a variety of different outfits.

Overall, these shorts are a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, stylish, and practical pair of shorts in a larger size.

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