CHECK - D555 Pack of Two Woven Boxer Shorts- Deal Pack

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Model: 2014-DEAL
UPC: 5000000000000
  • Model
  • 2014-DEAL
  • EAN
  • 5000000000000
  • UPC
  • 5000000000000
  • Style No
  • 2014
  • Style Name
  • Colours
  • Blue / Red
  • Fabric
  • Brand
  • D555
Ratio: 14-24-16-8
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Product Overview


The Duke Clothing Co's CHECK-D555 Pack of Two Woven Boxer Shorts are a comfortable and stylish addition to your underwear collection. Made from 100% soft and breathable cotton, these boxer shorts offer a comfortable fit that is perfect for everyday wear.

The pack of two boxer shorts includes two different designs, giving you the versatility to switch up your style as you see fit. The woven fabric has a classic and timeless look, making these boxer shorts a great choice for any occasion.

The 100% cotton material is both durable and easy to care for. It is machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low heat setting, making it a convenient and practical option for busy lifestyles.

In addition to their stylish design, the CHECK-D555 Pack of Two Woven Boxer Shorts are also a comfortable and practical piece of underwear. The elastic waistband provides a secure and comfortable fit, while the full coverage design ensures that you stay covered and comfortable all day long.

Overall, the CHECK-D555 Pack of Two Woven Boxer Shorts are a high-quality and stylish piece of underwear that offers both comfort and versatility. Whether you're wearing them for a long day at work or just lounging at home, these boxer shorts are a great choice for any occasion.

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