BOOZE 2 - D555 Christmas Booze Chest Print T-Shirt- Deal Pack

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Model: 600417-DEAL
  • Model
  • 600417-DEAL
  • Style No
  • 600417
  • Style Name
  • BOOZE 2
  • Colours
  • Black
  • Fabric
  • Brand
  • D555
Ratio: 3-18-10-6-3
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Ratio: 8-8-6-2
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Product Overview


BOOZE 2-D555 Christmas Booze Chest Print T-Shirt" is a product of The Duke Clothing Co under the brand D555.

This T-shirt is made from a blend of high-quality cotton yarn, making it soft, comfortable, and durable. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for wearing on its own or layering with other clothing items.

The T-shirt features a chest print design, showcasing a festive "Christmas Booze" message. The print is eye-catching and adds a fun and playful touch to the T-shirt, making it an excellent choice for holiday-themed events or parties.

The T-shirt has a regular fit, with a regular hem and a curved hemline at the back, allowing for ease of movement and a comfortable fit. The neckline is ribbed, helping to retain its shape and providing added durability.

The D555 brand is known for producing high-quality, stylish, and comfortable clothing, and the "BOOZE 2-D555 Christmas Booze Chest Print T-Shirt" is no exception. Whether you're looking for a festive and fun T-shirt for holiday-themed events or a casual option for everyday wear, this T-shirt is an excellent choice.

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