FARGO - D555 Five Pocket Jacket With Ribbed Neck and Inner Quilting- Deal Pack

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Model: 300803-R-DEAL
  • Model
  • 300803-R-DEAL
  • Style No
  • 300803
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  • Colours
  • Black
  • Fabric
  • Brand
  • D555
Ratio: 2-6-8-6-2
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Product Overview


FARGO-D555 Five Pocket Jacket With Ribbed Neck and Inner Quilting" is a men's jacket designed and made by the Duke Clothing Co under the D555 brand.

Made from 100% polyester material, this jacket is lightweight, durable, and easy to care for. It features a classic five-pocket design with a full front zipper and ribbed neckline, providing a stylish and comfortable fit.

The jacket features inner quilting, adding a layer of insulation for warmth and comfort. This feature makes the jacket ideal for colder weather and outdoor activities.

The "FARGO-D555 Five Pocket Jacket With Ribbed Neck and Inner Quilting" is available in a range of sizes to fit different body types. It can be worn as a casual and practical jacket for any outdoor or everyday occasion.

Overall, this jacket is a great choice for men who want a durable and practical jacket with a stylish design. The 100% polyester material makes it easy to care for, while the inner quilting adds a layer of warmth and comfort. The classic five-pocket design and ribbed neckline provide a stylish and comfortable fit, making it a versatile and practical option for any occasion.

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